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21 Best Business Ideas You Can Start in 2020 (and Make Money)

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What about business ideas? A full-time job may be rewarding, many do not find their jobs rewarding while others do I will be showing you that finding the best business ideas or side hustle is great, you can eventually become self-employed.

Becoming an entrepreneur, working for yourself, and finding great business ideas, is without a doubt one of the most content ventures to take on. It requires your sacrifice, dedication, more than your 7 to 5 job.

However, once you’re getting paid and leaving the CEO lifestyle and hustling your way into making significantly more money with your business ideas than you ever could at your day job, the hard work will have all been worth it. Remember you are your boss, you can determine how much you make and when you are available to make your income.

21 Best Business Ideas You Can Start in 2020 (and Make Money) as a side hustle.

Start a Blog.

Best Business Ideas, business ideas, business idea, blogging, webflowhub

Blogging statistics has shown that tens of thousands of bloggers are creating profitable content on topics ranging from food, digital marketing, fashion, dropshipping, swimming and many more. A blog is a compendium of ideas, thoughts and many more.

Most importantly a blog is a business created out of providing solutions to the billions who want answers. So, the question should be: when are you starting yours.

Have you discovered your niche? What business idea are you turning into traffic and money? Many people think starting a blog require a millennial, mind-blowing idea, NO.

Your blog should be focused on something specific. Also, the specific topic or niche must be something you enjoy to teach, you will love to learn about it too. Second, are others interested in what you will blog about?

Learning how to start a blog making money blogging can be a huge task, This post has been put in place to help you get started.

This will prepare you as you start your long journey to Six Figures Blogging.

And if you want a coaching tutorial on getting your blog up and running today, head over to the contact page and let me know, then browse my list of all the courses that can help you get better too.

Web Design.

Best Business Ideas, business ideas, business idea, blogging, webflowhubs, webflowhub, website design, web design
Online Product Branding.

I remember a few years back when I was paid my first $500 to design a website… Yes my first job, my first push at websites creation fetch me a $500 initial fee. Though I was a newbie, I was proud of my efforts. Becoming a freelance web designer is a top job, an average website design project is around $2500.

You can start by watching some tutorials on YouTube or taking a course on Teachable or Udemy.

These are great websites to learn and relearn at a very cheap price. Courses like this on Udemy will teach you everything from foundational web design, HTML, CSS, and more to earning your first freelance income as a web designer and developer.

Website builder like Elementor which is the world Number one website builder will help you to easily create a modern, animalistic, and powerful e-commerce website that will beat many of your competitors. You can charge as much as $5000 on a particular project depending on the duration of your clients.

Online Courses.

Best Business Ideas, business ideas, business idea, blogging, webflowhub, online courses

One of the best side business ideas is using your skills for profit. Leverage on tools, materials that are provided online to produces manuals, videos, classes, and your business idea is on the fly.

Millions of people still believe online education is equivalent to on-campus education. And there are so many reasons to back this up.

If you are an expert in anything there are several thousand out there willing to become an expert in the same field as you. They are willing to pay recurrent money to learn from you and become as good as you are.

Many reasons why online courses always sell are.

They are not bound by any geographical location

The schedule is easy and rescheduling is easier too

It is cheaper than the traditional method of learning.

Learners have easier access to their teachers

The advantages are much

If you want to turn your skills into an online course that teaches thousand how to get better at a particular skill or replicate the same results you’ve achieved in your life or business, start with these courses on Udemy.

Do you find it difficult to find a profitable online course idea? I will help you Find a Profitable Business Idea today. I’ll walk you step-by-step through the secrets formulas used bu gurus to generate income in SIX FIGURES in online course sales. You will be provided with the easiest and affordable tools online that will fast-track creating and selling your online courses.

Online courses may be your best side business ideas yet

Recommended Courses:


Best Business Ideas, business ideas, business idea, blogging, webflowhub, ebooks

Many people fancy the idea of writing a book, many at a young age, but without the right tools their dreams of writing and publishing their books end up quickly. Tools like Scrivener, Evernote will help you write and package your ideas quickly and professionally. One of the ways to make money with eBooks is to choose a popular topic or an in-demand subject. You can write the book yourself or find help on Fiverr and your book can be written within the shortest time.

Have it in mind that you need to build an audience that loves what you are writing about. Also to note: develop a marketing strategy that will help fast-track your influence and sales.

You can also self publish your book on Amazon, with a dedicated strategy this business idea can translate to a fortune.

There have so many business ideas you can choose from in 2020 and there are millions of online businesses that you can start this year with a very little cost many just requires you take a course and build an online profile to the website or just use your Facebook page to promote yourself organically and you are on the fly.

It can be very rewarding you can make huge money from them. I’ve made so much online working as a freelancer, as a digital agency also from blogging. You may notice a lot of ideas in this list I’m going to write about, some are very popular and some will require that you take a paid course. To start with you might only need to watch a few YouTube videos.

However, every business you will learn about here will fetch you money in the long run and you will be able to work from home.

READ: How To Start A Blog That Makes $3000 A Month In 2020


Best Business Ideas, business ideas, business idea, blogging, webflowhub, dropshipping

Are you looking to sell products online but you don’t have money to buy those products you don’t want to keep the products in a warehouse then consider dropshipping. Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model in which you don’t have to manage any physical product, all you need is a website or a landing page or a funnel but you don’t own or have the physical product.

Partner with suppliers who are ready to store, package and ship the orders to your customers on your behalf, you don’t need to spend hours on product research, you don’t need to bother yourself about shipping, about packaging, about so many logistic issues, all you need to do is find a reliable supplier, the popular dropshipping website is Aliexpress.

There are many plugins you can integrate with your store and automate all the dropshipping process for you. This is a great side business that can fetch you steady income.

Expenses like Inventories, renting a warehouse, logistics are eliminated. You will need an online store, which you can design with WordPress or Shopify. A professional can help you develop a well-designed store. You will also need a hosting plan from a reliable and fast hosting company like Bluehost, you will need a domain name.

If you do not know how to develop a beautiful online store. you can reach me and I will help you design a dropshipping store, integrate with all the plugins, your Facebook pixel, Manager Google Ads and your dropshipping store very profitable.

Home-Based Caterine

Best Business Ideas, business ideas, business idea, blogging, webflowhub, catering, home based catering

If you are a good cook or let me say if you fancy cooking, there may be enough demand for food in your neighborhood in your area, and in your state, you could make a good income making food from home.

Starting a home-based catering business in 2020 will require very little money. I know quite a few that don’t have a physical shop, they sell from home, they sell from their Facebook page and Google My Business Page.

You will need an Instagram page link it up with your Facebook business page, upload the pictures of your food Menu and services. You can also visit Offices with your flyers, for example,

This business idea needs little capital. Some home-based catering starts by creating a website or a business page or a landing page and they integrate all these things together with their social media handles. and before you know it they’re making a lot of money by linking up with

If you want to take your business further you can use Facebook ads to advertise to your local community.

Are having an issue I’m turning your cooking idea into money, into a business you can reach out I’ll guide you and give you a full month class on how to turn your Home base cooking skills idea into a big business.

Website Flipping

Best Business Ideas, business ideas, business idea, blogging, webflowhub, website flipping

Website flipping is among the new business ideas that will fetch you huge profits.

You start by visiting a flipping website like flippa.com buy a profitable website, run it for some months and sell it online at a higher price.

How does this work? It involves buying an already running website improving on the website design, providing more content on the website, and selling it for a profit. I know a school on YouTube that does this profitably. For example, This is one business idea you can start from home generating income in excess of $5000 and more.

Online Tutoring

In my classes, I encourage students to become an expert in one thing and monetize that skill. if you are an expert in art, in a subject like mathematics, chemistry, physics if you’re an expert in digital marketing, content development you can start teaching people who don’t know anything in that field and turn them into experts.

Start by creating a Facebook page and a Facebook group teach your audience what you know and watch your income grow gradually. For you to be a successful online Tutor, you don’t need a degree. Your student wants to see your past results and the confidence that portrays your expertise. You can begin your tutoring process by teaching your friends and family on your Facebook profile. You can even create a Facebook group and start a live video with you alone or a few of your best friends and family, this will help boost your confidence.

For the best results, I will suggest that you teach subjects that relate to your area of expertise because you will be able to share your skills and knowledge more constructively. It will not only enhance your own knowledge but you can deliver lectures and interact with your student easily. You can interact with your students via Facebook live. with Skype with zoom and many other online tutorial apps and softwares.

Content Writing

Almost every company with an internet presence needs help with writing for their services and products. Every website now develops a Blog page for themselves, this means a lot of writing and copywriting will be needed.

Develop yourself in content writing, take a content writing course on Udemy, free and paid courses. Build your skills and you will be earning a lot of income. I’ve made a lot of money on Fiverr writing from home.

If you are a beginner you can join content writing groups on Facebook and WhatsApp to promote your business to a wider audience. There are lots of ways you can make money writing content. You can offer keyword optimization, graphic design, you can also offer video services as part of your content development strategy.

These business idea that will fetch you a steady income.

Email Marketing

Are you good at email content development, can you craft great subject lines that people can’t help but click? You can make more money from this business idea by launching your own email marketing business. Find companies that need help with their email strategy on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and many other freelancing websites.

Demonstrate your skills, show people what you can do or what you have done woo them with referrals and testimonials from previous works.

You will be needing some email marketing and analytics tools to deliver your services. As your client base grow, invest in email marketing tools and learning and relearning by taking updated courses.

Do you love the Email Marketing business Ideas, check out free and paid courses now.

Website Testing

There are many brands with a digital footprint online hiring people to give them valuable feedback on their websites. The various opinions from this allow them to address issues that their developers may have failed to identify so they hire a bunch of people on a freelance basis.

You can build freelance testing websites by offering testing website services to various companies.

Hire a bunch of people on a freelance basis create your own website testing company and reach out to companies that need website testing services. You navigate the service through your own company and your freelancers test this website and make money for you.

As always you can find various website Testing Services online which will guide you on what to do and how to go about your website testing business this is a great business idea to make money online.


Instagram Consulting

A lot of young people who know how to drive engagement on the popular social media app Instagram are hitting it big online in 2020. If you know the secret of driving and engaging content on Instagram or you want to become an Instagram digital marketing expert you can consider taking a few courses and brand yourself as an Instagram consultant.

Clients pay you for creating engaging captions, promotions, and monetization of their content. This is a perfect business idea for you if you want to make money on Instagram. To become a sought-after Instagram consultant you must master the skill of creating killer ads for social media, know how Instagram art works, how to convert sales, how to attract the right traffic, targeting a specific audience for business. You can get your first client by linking up with other influencers, using hashtags, promoting yourself on Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelance platforms.

You can attract the right client to yourself if you build a website and blog about your expertise. With the right SEO, clients will flood your space in no time.

Hand Making Jewelry

Best Business Ideas, business ideas, business idea, blogging, webflowhub, jewelry, hand made jewelry

The global Jewelry market was over 300 billion dollars in 2018, which fashion Brewery bringing in a lion’s share. It might look like it’s a saturated market but there’s still room for newcomers who can fit into and on top niche of bringing a perfectly designed traditional and local art.

Handmade Brewery has been a sought-after item for decades people that travel on vacation have at least one piece of handmade jewelry. You can start a huge online business selling your craft and making a fortune from it. If you’re an expert in jewelry making contact local or national online store or shop and offer them to open a store on your website after showcasing your beautiful handmade jewelry. Handmade jewelry sells in millions on Amazon and around the world, you can spice up your handmade jewelry Business by adding precious stones like Diamonds, Saphire and many more.

You can create a story behind your jewelry, this will make you stand out amongst locally-made handmade jewelry business.

Also, your initial investment is very minimal because the tools and the piece of materials you will need a source locally and this may not require a big machine, you may not pay rent, all that is required is your creativity and your expertise.

Open an Instagram page, a Facebook business page, and promote your business with Facebook ads or organically by joining a Facebook group.

Your jewelry business can receive a significant boost in no time by making different beautiful graphic designs of your products, share them on Pinterest too. The quality of your product must be right, the pricing must be perfect and the design must be unique you might also need a website or an online store for yourself.

Facebook Marketing

Branding businesses, service providers, and product marketers use digital marketing to sell. One of the ways to push brands across various platforms and to reach millions of audiences globally is using Facebook Marketing, if you can brand yourself as an expert in this field it can be the best business idea that will fetch you the income that fits your lifestyle.

Starting out as a Facebook Marketer is not easy, while at the same time it is simple. Like I always advise what you don’t know you can learn, you can enroll for a free and paid course on digital marketing.

You can start implementing what you’ve learned on your own personal brand.

You will need a website or a landing page, a Facebook Business page, Instagram account to start your digital marketing business.

Your website needs to show you are real and what you offer, what potentials do businesses get when they buy your service, you must make sure your website is mobile-friendly and they are optimized for search engines.

Many businesses are leaving opportunities on the table because they don’t use Facebook Marketing for their business. Facebook generates billions of dollars in profit every quarter, if it is not working people will not be investing in Facebook.

Create your website, leverage on the different social media platforms to brand yourself, start teaching people what you have learned and what you know very soon you will realize that this is the best business idea for you.

More than anything focus on consistent and repetitive branding for your business across all social media networks let people around you know what you do, visit local business owners and pitch your ideas to them contact companies via emails and you are on your way up.

You can check for Free and Paid Courses That will quickly Place You ahead of Your COmpetitions Here.

Virtual Assistant

Best Business Ideas, business ideas, business idea, blogging, webflowhub, virtual assistant

Since this article is about making money online working from home or best paying business ideas online it will not be complete without a well-detailed write-up on how to become a virtual assistant.

This is one of the most realistic ways to make money from home. Virtual Assistants are self-employed individuals who provide technical and administrative services to businesses and companies from home. All the Works are done online which means you can work from anywhere you want.

Many business owners now outsource their various work to VA’s so that they can focus on other structures that keep their business growing.

To become a virtual assistant you don’t need any kind of university degree you simply need to own a skill and have enough experience to do the work. As a virtual last assistant, you can earn upward of $20 per hour to $250 per hour depending on the amount of work to be done and the technical skills required. As you grow your skills and your client base, you can increase your hourly rates too.

Some of the technical assistance services you can niche down to may Administrative Supports, Website Management, Facebook Ads, Digital Marketing, Customer Support, and so on.

If you need additional help you can take virtual training courses and if you’re looking to expedite your business and learn from experts Taking the course is very important.

if you don’t know what to do or the first step to take you can start by making a list of the things you already know how to do then you can sign up for freelance services providers like Upwork and Fiverr you can also join a very active Facebook group online and start pitching to your client, then you need to set your prices to decide how much to charge for your services and how you get paid for the amount of time you work.

Data Analysis.

Got a thing for numbers? Plenty of companies need to hire talented contractors who are good at analyzing data., making this a potentially lucrative side business idea if you have the right credentials and experience. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are but two of many websites that are great for freelancers with an analytical prowess, looking for extra work as a side business idea around their full-time jobs.

Personal Fitness Trainer.

If you have a thing for fitness or weight loss and have the right combination of charisma and business sense, working as a part-time personal trainer as a side business idea can be both physically and financially rewarding. Once you build up a reputation and client base for yourself, it could easily turn into a full-time endeavor for you. Finally, I’d recommend taking this business idea seriously and actually devising a go-to-market plan that can let you hit the ground running with clients from day one.

Interior Designer

If you are interested in making money online, one of the best business ideas that can help you make a lot this year is becoming an interior decorator or interior designer. It is important to know that this career path can be started online and you can work from anywhere.

Do you have a taste for pretty fabrics, a taste for light decorations and ambiance, what it takes to arrange and rearrange fittings and create a mind-blowing spectrum this is a business idea to consider?

There’s is a difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer. As a designer your work is easier to start because you can work virtually, you can work from home we can work from anywhere in the world and sell your designs on all other social media platforms like Instagram and Dribble.

If you have artistic talent and you are good with editing pictures, drawings, and color pallets 3d projects, this is a great opportunity to make money online.

This does not necessarily require you to have a degree in any field if you have a great artistic skill and your computer software skill is great you can do a lot for yourself and make a lot of money from this business idea.

One of the first steps is to make sure you have your online design portfolio, create a portfolio with Dribble, Instagram, you can also create a portfolio by developing your own website with the best and easiest website builder in the world Elemntor.

It is not necessarily needed to attend an interior design school or to own a degree, however, it is very good to get some training in this field for several reasons. You might want to take a Course to help you get started

There are many niches that interior designers can focus on some of which are residential interior design, kitchen designs, bathroom designs, you can also focus on Commercial interior designs such as office spaces, restaurant, hotels, and the likes, all these are in high demand online.

With your designs, you can sell a particular design for as much as $1000 to $5000 depending on the complexity of the design.

To further promote yourself online, you can write case studies, you can write how you arrived at the colors, sketches, background, canvas, etc.

Landing page specialist

Landing pages are used by expert marketers to sell. Landing pages are standalone web pages created specifically for selling. They are created specifically for marketing and advertising products and services, a landing page is where the visitor Lands from organic traffic or from paid advertising.

A lot of businesses use landing page to make sales that is why you must hone a skill in landing page design or development.

Some of the software’s used in designing and developing landing pages include WordPress, Cartflows, Clickfunnels and so on you might need to take a course on this. Some designs may require some technicalities with the use of CSS, HTML, and different codes but you can take a Course or use YouTube to learn the basics.

Becoming a landing page specialist will be a big boost to your income if you want to increase your earning Power online.

Social media manager

This is one of the most popular online career paths this year, maybe you are a student or you are a professional who is looking for how to make money online or searching for the best business ideas to make money online, becoming a social media manager is very viable.

Before you start a business as a social media manager or a career in this path online, it is advised that you are turned or take a social media course. It should be a digital management course on social media or a digital marketing course as this will help you to stay in step with the analytics and the use of tools and tricks and use social media webspace.

Also, you will need to understand that good storytelling and a great content development strategy will be needed, you will also need to understand Analytics and how to engage with your community and audience, this is required whether you are working as a freelancer or you’re employed in a company as a professional.

Understand how all the different social media platform works how they run their digital marketing and how to consistently post engaging content with a strong voice.

As a good social media manager, you must be able to collaborate directly with marketers, salespersons, bloggers, digital analyst and use different softwares and app for Analytics and engagements

One of the ways in which you can land yourself a social media role can be showcasing an online portfolio about what you do. You can create a blog, build a website, and showcase your skills and maybe previously delivered works.

Affiliate Sales Marketer

Are you interested in making thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars in affiliate marketing? According to statistica affiliate, marketing spending in the United States from 2010 is due to reach 8.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2022, you can tap into this billion-dollar industry by starting your own affiliate marketing business.

One of the easiest ways, should be, starting a blog? How does this work? Build yourself a website with a blog and you choose your niche. Focus on a specific category, for example, if you are going to focus on the food industry you will have to niche down to grilling foods, fast foods, less fatty foods or organic foods, and so on.

You can choose from several affiliate programs online, there are hundreds of them, choose a niche, and apply for the affiliate programs. It can be in the clothing niche, it can be a vacation niche, it can be in the software and digital product niche.

The affiliate program link is always located at the footer of various websites offering the service, click on it, and apply. Once your application is approved, the links provided to you will be inserted in strategic places in your blog posts and website.

You could be making as much as $10000 to $80000 monthly from affiliates. Becoming an affiliate marketer is a great business idea you can start with very little money.

Don’t forget that what drives traffic to your blog is to create great content, the good use of Search Engine Optimization. Detailed content will bring visitors to your affiliate sites that will help them get the grease on your affiliate links and convert the clicks to sales

Proofreading and editing freelance

Proofreading and editing pay a decent hourly wage, it gives you the potential to develop yourself and also make money doing what you love. If you think you’re a good reader and you can want to launch a career and looking for an online business idea to start, proofreading is one of them. You can find work as a freelancer on Upwork and Fiverr are you can set up a flashing service on LinkedIn or just build your own website and start a proofreading and editing agency.

There are different aspects to becoming a proofreader or an editor online, you can become a General Proofreader that proofread every type of books and articles. You can niche down to provide Legal Proofreading Services, you will be proofreading only legal content, legal proceedings, transcript, and so on or you can niche it down to Publishers only, you will be paid to read and proofread their books.

With these you can make a sizable income for yourself working from home and working, this is a good business idea if you want to start a career online.


Online businesses have created so much explosion year in, year out, you can make thousands and millions in dollars from your bedroom. These are better days and these are better years, it is time to start an online business.

If you have a business idea unexplained in this article you can reach me in the comment box and I hope you pick one of the business ideas explained above, develop yourself and become an expert. This will allow you to meet your lifestyle goals and become more financially secured for your future.


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