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6 Digital Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce

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Creating an online store is an easier task compared to utilizing digital marketing skills for the products and services in the store, there is many challenges e-commerce shop face even though we are living in a digital world.

One of the main e-commerce challenges is fierce competition, as there is a high probability that closes to one thousand other shops are selling the same product you are selling.

It is easy to compare the prices of goods in your store with other competitor’s goods with the aid of Google.

Getting sales in your e-commerce store is not a bread and beans affairs, even if you have the best rates and the best products. A critical component of e-commerce that all online shop owners must engage to get sales is digital marketing.

Here are 6 proven digital marketing strategies to start getting sales in your e-commerce shop,

1. Boost Your Products Visualization

In e-commerce matching the consumers’ level of expected visualization can be tasking, but you must strive to satisfy their eyes with the best visual representation of your products as this is very crucial.

Consumers don’t like being denied access to any information about products or services, display all visible information about your goods in a very high-quality manner.

Using high-quality goods and services visualization enables you not only to show your products to consumers, but it also provides your audience and potential consumers with the necessary details about the goods.

Utilize the best available visualization tools, tools that enable consumers to zoom in, spin your product to 360°extent view, add roll-over and pop-up info tools.

If you have access to 3D technology tools, make use them to increase engagement and enhance the shopping experience.

It was noted by Fourth Source, that using 3D over flat images resulted in a massive increment of 25% to 30% in sales.

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2. Add Video

It’s not a necessity to use video display for all your products and services, as we all know, some products cannot be displayed using videos but then aside from those products that don’t require videos, there are hundreds of products and services that you can make use of video to better display them.

As the popular norms say “action is louder than words,” actively display your products and services with short videos.

According to HubSpot, 81% of consumers say video boost their confidence in purchasing a particular good or services. 

It’s as simple as “people believe in action than sweet and enticing words” let them see what they want in action.

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3. Utilize Artificial Intelligence(AI) 

Artificial Intelligence, without doubt, has a significant impact on your e-commerce sales.

AI can collect all customers’ shopping data, especially their reaction to that particular product or service, it makes use of this gathered information to accurately predict the future reaction of those particular customers.

AI makes use of measurable metrics such as conversion rates, bounce rates and engagement rates to provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of your online store.

AI data will provide you with the best tips you need to improve your e-commerce site, improve customers’ experience and encourage conversions and loyalty.

This is not rocket science, the better experience for your customers, the more likely they will be excited about the future purchase, they will recommend your products or services at every given opportunity and provide you positive reviews.

4. Cutting-Edge Product Filtering

Cutting-edge product filtering provides customers with a more precise, quick and data saving online shopping experience, and experience any customer will appreciate, instead of packing your online shop with loads of products.

The more products you offer, the more you require advance filtering, there isn’t much time for anyone to start searching e-commerce store based on a convoluted inventory plan that does not make sense.

Try your best to provide your audience and potential customers with tools that help them shop on their terms and find what they need quickly.

Overtime, stats have shown that 42% of major e-commerce sites don’t make use of advanced filtering, making use of advanced filtering for your online shop is a big advantage, because, these tools help customers find what they need effortlessly and quickly.

5. Automate with Chatbots

Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence tools, but it’s an outstanding AI tool and deserves to be a strategy on its own. Chatbots are very likely to be the first point of contact between you and your potential customers, they can make or mar your customer experience.

The rate of your availability to provide answers to customer inquiry improves the shopping experience and add value. It’s as simple as “ready for business,” if you are not available to answer questions then you lose customers.

Bots are friendly and personalized experience that makes communication with customers easy and productive.

They are not just great customer service reps, they can also make an excellent salesperson.

They help with the provision of up-selling options on the spot while also creating quick awareness on every update such as letting customers know when a discount or other deal is available.

They are also very inventory savvy, with the ability to track top selling products so that you never run out of a particular stock.

6. Flexible Delivery Medium

One of the greatest digital marketing strategies for your e-commerce site is offering your customers flexible delivery, dos, and don’ts, one of the major don’ts is a limited delivery option.

40% of online shoppers have abandoned their carts due to unsuitable delivery option provided by stores. Customers want to pay and know that their delivery will arrive quickly through a suitable medium.

You also do not want to jump on the drone delivery bandwagon, all you need to do is find a medium to make your delivery is flexible, quick and efficient.

This should be your top priority while also considering the price and cost of delivery that is productive for you, don’t forget that, this is your business, so it should not all be centered on delivering quickly and efficiently while you are oblivious to your productivity.


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