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7 Actionable Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Blog

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This article will help you drive more visitors to your website and show you ways to increase organic traffic to your blog

These strategies were also used to increase the number of unique visitors to my website from zero to over 10k. 

The Holy Grail of search engine marketing is increasing organic traffic.

These strategies all work well right now.

Republish on LinkedIn

Republish on LinkedIn, Ways to Increase Organic Traffic

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to syndicate your content.

One example: If you have a LinkedIn account, you can republish your old content. You will then see many social sharing and links that refer to your blog content.

It is possible to get thousands of referrals per month.

You Can Identify and Fix Non-performing Content

Non-performing content refers to content that does not help a website achieve its marketing goals. This includes content that is not driving organic traffic, conversions, or winning referrals.

It isn’t helping you and may even hinder your chances of obtaining search traffic.

Search engines use the crawl budget to decide how many pages and what pages of a site they will crawl. It is very limited. Search engines can get frustrated crawling non-performing pages on your site and abandon it before crawling the useful stuff.

Search engines can have enough resources to crawl the most important pages or posts of a site by identifying and eliminating non-performing material and show you ways to increase organic traffic to your blog

Allow Search Engine Easy Access to Your Website

Ways to Increase Organic Traffic, Allow Search Engine Easy Access to Your Website

SEO is about making sure search engines understand your content so you rank for the target keyword. Make your site search engine-friendly and give people what they are looking for.

SEO has many aspects. Here are three of them:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-Site SEO
  • SEO on-site

On-site SEO is the best place to begin.

You must ensure that your site is indexable and also crawlable by Google bots.

Every content must be carefully written and make sure the keyword research is done well and more also that you go back and check the article’s performance.

Use Long-tail Keywords

Do not choose the most searched keywords in your market. Use keywords that are more specific to your product or service.

Google and other search engines will eventually identify your blog or website as a destination for this particular topic. This will increase your content’s search ranking and help you find your ideal customers.

Keep this in mind: Google ranking is all about having a niche of influence.

For example, this blog post is targeted at those who are interested in specific information on increasing organic traffic. We are not targeting every keyword related to SEO.

You Must Use Forums

Forums are an underrated source of traffic.

You’ve created a funnel when you are an active and respected member of a forum.

A funnel that leads people back to your website.

This is one of your best options to get organic traffic to your website. This is especially important if your blog is just starting and you don’t have the money to spend on expensive Keywords tools or Ads.

Bring Them Back With Emails

Bring Them Back With Emails, email marketing services

You have now successfully gotten traffic to your search. What next?

Many bloggers fail to take this step and regret it later.

Do you not want your visitors to return to your blog often? You should think about this if you haven’t. Recurring visitors are your audience. Be your brand’s advocate.

These people will share your post via social media and will also tell others about your blog.

How do you do it?

It is easy, all you have to do is follow one trick. To subscribe, you will need to confirm.

You’re sure to have your Twitter and Facebook pages set up. But are you giving them the option of subscribing via email?

You Should.

With Email “subs” you will surely be able to drive them back peacefully, imagine you have 100k email subs, that huge weekly traffic is easy.

Insert Internal Links in Posts

Once you have compiled a good back catalog of content, you can link it on blogs and to your website. This will direct visitors to more relevant content. This will keep your visitors on your site longer and improve your search engine rankings.

Including links in your blog posts is important. These indicators show that your content is trustworthy and based on research beyond your personal life experience.

However, don’t overuse your internal links. Too many can make it look like spam.


I hope this post showed you ways to increase organic traffic to your blog using some cool and easy strategies.


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